FunCraft Server


FunCraft Server

The server is Survival/RPG/Build!No griefers and good community! It supports up to 70 players with NO LAG.It is hosted on a dedicated server and it runs 24/7! You can protect your house using the plugin Residence,and also protect doors/chests with Lockette!

Using the plugin LogBlock all the damage done by griefers will be rollbacked. All griefers will be banned!

If you want to get on the whitelist,you'll need to register on our site using your Minecraft username. Admins will help does in need!In order to get building rights you'll need to complete a simple initiation in-game.

Great server. Houses can be protected. Staff are helpful. Lag is only occasional when many people are on. Only problem is that so many lazy people build un-ressed/ugly cobble houses so close to spawn for all to see.