Mid’lands Serious role play

We have worked for months to make this the best role playing server possible. I have noticed on most role playing servers the buildings will be small and not very detailed. So we to the time to make the buildings massive! and full of detail.

The midlands role playing is also based off of a book. This means that we have very strong lore to begin with and you will find yourself getting lost in the story. We have Terra formed the map to make it look like it really looks like in the lore! This server has some awesome donation perks! But they are not to over powered. Not only will you enjoy role playing but we have added dungeons full of treasure and tons of challenges to do. Even if you are the only person on you will not be bored.

When creating the server we took the approach of imaging we were a new player that had just joined we went about making everything in the world as fun,clear and awesome as possible. There are also awesome professions to peruse! Like guard,soldier,baneling,blacksmith,shop keeper,mage. These add even more role playing to the server. But you don’t have to choose a class! You can be whatever there will be teachers to teach you skills but if you simply want to wander around and explore go ahead!