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04:17:30 TheBrain01+ Most people don’t know about the 1286 builds either :)
10:30:10 lilsammy lilsammy> how come there is no registration link on the website?
05:34:54 n0rw0lf2 hey blood_, I've been working on unoficially updating Cauldron to 91 and decided to decompile the Cauldron.jar. Weirdly enough there was hardly any code in there, and it didn't seem to be in the libraries, either. Does Cauldron make all of its edits via ASM?
06:12:16 n0rw0lf2 interesting, binpatches.
06:35:04 n0rw0lf2 alright, I found it. The magic happens in binpatches, and it can be opened with unpack200

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