Commands for #drtshock on EsperNet

# Name Content Aliases Action
1 abc"
2 abcd efg
3 alot
4 ask Don't ask to ask. Just ask and wait patiently for a response :)
5 cats
6 ci
7 citemp is temporarily unavailable pending configuration changes. Sorry for any inconvenience.
8 contracts
9 doit DO IT!
10 donate cake, tacos
11 english
12 essissue
13 essperms | EssentialsX changes: essperm, essxperm, essxperms, perms
14 essxwiki and
15 eticket
16 facissue fhelp, fissue
17 facloc If you acquire the file located at, or lang.yml from the latest build, you should simply replace the English strings with the language of your choice. flang
18 facsrc
19 factions Factions support is in #factions. Type /join #factions to get there.
20 factionshock fsrc
21 frostalf
22 fticket
23 grammarnazi
24 hcf
25 hcfactions
26 hijk lmn
27 loop .choose .loop no
28 materials You can configure any material and its durability at
29 mcsanta santa
30 mineconfund mcfund
31 newlog Stop your server. Now, start your server, let it load completely, then stop it. Please copy what's in "logs/latest.log" and paste it on and post the link in the channel.
32 nodrt message drtshock on spigot if he's not here.
33 nonprofit If your server does not accept payments, talk to drtshock about getting premium resource(s) for free. Be prepared to provide proof!
35 od obsidiandestroyer
36 odtut Watch a youtube tutorial on how to set up ObsidianDestroyer 4.x here:
37 oticket
38 paste Please paste at and link to it here in the channel. gist
39 patience If you are having issues getting someone to help you then try asking Chester.
40 pimp If you are looking to hire a developer then please state what you want want, your time frame, and your budget. pimpshock
41 playervaults pv
42 please_ignore_tca [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]
43 please_ignore_tcb [04,05]
44 please_ignore_tcc abc
45 pls
46 plugins buy
47 potato
48 pticket
49 puzl
50 rgb
51 rules BUTTS
52 satellites
53 standards
54 sticket
55 storm report bugs, request features for ShockNetwork.
56 ticket Try .fticket, .oticket, .sticket or .pticket bug, bugs, issues, report
57 webchat livechat
58 words use words, what the fuck are you trying to do?
59 yaml parse