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Topic: Downloads: http://files.minecraftforge.net Documentation: http://mcforge.rtfd.io Rules: http://goo.gl/T2Lz3F Discord: https://discord.gg/UvedJ9m

Topic set by: LexManos on April 21, 2018 01:43:11 am

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Topic -- Topic set on April 21, 2018 01:43:11 am by LexManos
10:53:23 gigaherz but if mappings are not the cause, then I have no idea :P
10:53:46 gigaherz maybe you'll have more luck if you ask in the modding channel on the discord :P
10:57:04 SirWill doesn't fix it unfortunately
12:54:37 ForgeDisco+ <xunto> Do you use intellij idea? I fix most of weird gradle problems with Files -> Invalidate Caches / Restart.
13:19:57 ForgeDisco+ <gigaherz> see #modder-support -- the conversation didn't stop here :P

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