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Log for #sponge on EsperNet - 2019/01/12

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Topic -- Topic set on January 9, 2018 02:43:38 am by Grinch
00:56:06 Spongie <T​oo​Co​ol​Ce​ll​o> I figured out that they use an older version of spogeforge that wasn’t working with my mods so I had to manually download a newer version of forge as well as spongeforge. But at least now it works XD
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01:24:25 Spongie <S​ir​ R​au​m> ...
01:30:08 Spongie <k​en​ci​nd​er​> ,,,
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01:39:52 Spongie <E​ch​o> Has anyone has any luck with vchest and custom texture packs? Items with damage + unbreakable tag are not seeming to work. It works when I do it in code just not through VChest. Already asked in the github issues but the people who answered didn't know lol
01:59:32 Spongie <R​us​ti​cD​ad​> is there a sponge plugin that like sorts chests or something like terraria
01:59:41 Spongie <R​us​ti​cD​ad​> like the contents in the chest
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02:23:34 Spongie <C​ra​ft​St​ea​mG​> *dont install it server side
02:23:37 Spongie <C​ra​ft​St​ea​mG​> unless you want dupes
02:23:38 Spongie <C​ra​ft​St​ea​mG​> x)
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04:52:15 Alexhupp could anyone help me with sponge forge for my server as i run 1.10.2 self ran and whenver i put sponge in it just crashes i saw someone needed a boot loader even tried that didnt work im useing the same forge version as my sponge version says to use the version of sponge is BETA-2793 for minecraft forge 2477 on minecraft 1.10.2 the mods i have inst
04:52:15 Alexhupp alled is Tconstruct, Worldedit, Mantle, MalisDoors, MalisCore, FTBLib, Flatcolored blocks, ExtraBitManipulation, CustomNpcs, CTM MC, Chisel & Bits, Chisel, Chiseled me, BetterBuildersWands, And Ars Magica 2
05:02:26 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> !?oldmixin
05:02:26 Spongie <T​ay​lo​r ​Sw​if​t> A mod is loading an outdated Mixin version before Sponge, please report it to the mod author! For temporary solution rename the SpongeForge jar file, so its sorted alphabetically before the other mod e.g. rename spongeforge-1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3318.jar to _aspongeforge-1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3318.jar
05:03:24 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> well, since you have MalisCore and trying a boot loader that's likely the issue
05:04:03 Spongie <I​sl​an​d_​ba​nk​er​> i tried it once but even then it didnt work
05:05:21 Spongie <I​sl​an​d_​ba​nk​er​> the bootloader
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05:09:25 Spongie <I​sl​an​d_​ba​nk​er​> ty that worked
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05:18:46 Spongie <I​sl​an​d_​ba​nk​er​> ok so suddenly i just got 2 plugins bot 5.0 supporting i dont see any loading of them as their commands are event registering as valid
05:44:59 Spongie <T​oo​Co​ol​Ce​ll​o> Are there any mods that are in compatible with sponge forge?
05:45:10 Spongie <T​oo​Co​ol​Ce​ll​o> specifically these ones
05:48:31 Spongie <T​oo​Co​ol​Ce​ll​o> ???
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14:29:43 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Hey, I'm adding spongeforge to my servert as so I can have plugins & mods. Just wondering how to get it working?
14:47:33 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> you need forge for spongforge
14:47:45 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> set up a forge server, throw plugins and spongeforge to the mods folder
14:54:22 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Ahh okay
14:54:27 Spongie <G​ra​ul​do​n>
14:54:39 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Yeah I have a forge server setup. Just was confused on where the plugins folder would be.
14:54:56 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Cheers for the link
14:55:53 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Is spongeforge supposed to create a plugins folder? Or do all plugins literally just go in the mods folder along with spongeforge? @liach
14:57:02 Spongie <F​ri​ed​ri​ch​LP​> hey ^^
14:57:14 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> Mods folder is fine
14:57:46 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Alright cheers.
14:58:03 Spongie <F​ri​ed​ri​ch​LP​> Im getting a crash with sponge mixins. I couldnt find anything on goolge so I'm asking here.
14:58:03 Spongie <F​ri​ed​ri​ch​LP​> the game crashes instantly when I try to run it in eclipse and gives this crash
15:01:44 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Okay so I put a sponge forge plugin into the mods folder. And The plugin hasn't appeared. (I have restarted the server.) @Lord_Ralex
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15:06:21 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> !?logs
15:06:28 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> !?log
15:09:35 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> There is no debug.log in my logs folder.
15:10:32 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> Then latest.
15:10:37 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Got it,
15:11:38 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​>
15:11:52 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Doesn't really tell you anything.
15:11:59 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> It does
15:12:08 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> You aren't even running forge.
15:12:23 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> So naturally everything else will fail
15:12:49 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> You need your server to run forge
15:13:52 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> How does one do that? I believe I've done everything correctly no?
15:14:53 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> Completely depends on whatever host you have. You'd need to probably check their panel and see if you can change what jar it is using to load the server.
15:15:23 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Yeah I can change it.
15:19:14 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> Yes I can change the .jar
15:27:02 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> @Lord_Ralex?
15:34:04 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> Make it be forge
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15:41:37 Spongie <J​os​hA​20​> got it
15:43:15 Spongie <H​HH​g> iam using magibriged
15:43:18 Spongie <H​HH​g> what i need put here
15:43:30 Spongie <S​am​B4​40​> What is your question
15:43:32 Spongie <S​am​B4​40​> About
15:43:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> idk what i need put here
15:43:53 Spongie <H​HH​g> in magibridge plugin
15:43:55 Spongie <S​am​B4​40​> Well idk either because idk what you want
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16:46:53 Spongie <S​il​ve​rr​ai​n> Hello Guys 😃 isnt there a recruiting section somewhere? i am in search for specialist in pluginconfiguring and setup for my project 😃
16:49:35 Spongie <p​hi​t> !?services
16:49:36 Spongie <T​ay​lo​r ​Sw​if​t>
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17:48:45 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> Heya any idea what this error is? The coremod SpongeCoremod (org.spongepowered.mod.SpongeCoremod) is not signed!
17:49:13 Spongie <p​hi​t> its a warning that the spongecoremod isnt signed
17:50:04 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> No option for me to sign it soo xD
17:53:45 Spongie <d​oo​t> you aren't the one that would sign it
17:53:51 Spongie <d​oo​t> we would
17:54:55 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> o
17:55:38 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> Can i get a link to a signed version please
17:56:37 Spongie <p​hi​t> there is no such thing
17:58:49 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> Then how do i get it signed lmao
17:59:07 Spongie <p​hi​t> you dont you ignore it
17:59:12 Spongie <p​hi​t> its a warning from forge
17:59:19 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> console is refusing to boot forge
17:59:28 Spongie <p​hi​t> !?log
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18:03:53 Spongie <S​il​en​tR​os​es​> Also no plugin folder was produced, do i throw plugins in the mod folder?
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