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Log for #spongedev on EsperNet - 2019/01/12

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00:08:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> I fixed
00:08:39 Spongie <H​HH​g> Is event.participant1[0].getName ()
00:08:49 Spongie <H​HH​g> @CraftSteamG easyr hehe
00:09:44 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> Is it possible to offer custom data to a block?
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00:17:09 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> i think so
00:18:31 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> Looks like it isn't possible
00:18:38 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o>
00:19:28 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> I'm looking on source code, and there is check supports(?), supports looks in a list of classes, that is immutable and populated at runtime
00:19:58 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> rip
00:20:04 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> Maybe its intentional or a bug
00:20:05 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> but makes sense not store data on blocks
00:20:22 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> but they can be offer'ed
00:22:35 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> There is no offer method, BlockState extends ImmutableValueStore, so, it can't be modified
00:22:59 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> But builder has method with(Manipulator)
00:23:22 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> Bit unobvious
00:24:23 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> It may be a bug or feature
00:26:15 Spongie <d​oo​t> BlockState#with
00:27:11 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> This with check supports(?)
00:27:39 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> supports looks in a immutable list, that filled at startup
00:31:58 Spongie <C​yb​er​ma​xk​e> Only tile entities currently support custom data
00:32:55 Spongie <X​ak​ep​_S​DK​> Thank you for explanation. Would it be supported in 1.13?
00:33:25 Spongie <C​yb​er​ma​xk​e> It's not currently planned, but there is a open issue about it
00:34:43 Spongie <C​yb​er​ma​xk​e>
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05:53:45 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> anyone know why my plugin instance doesn't inject and i have to set it manually?
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06:41:24 Spongie <d​oo​t> oh yes I know exactly why, without having seen any code snippets
06:57:44 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6>
06:58:35 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> variable is always null
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08:28:48 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> @MoeBoy76 inject does not work on static fields
08:29:22 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> Inject works upon object creation, and because statics do not exist then, they cannot be set
08:29:36 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> makes sense
08:29:52 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> if you want a static copy of your plugin:
08:29:52 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> plugin = this;
08:29:52 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> }
08:29:52 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> public void construct(GameConstructionEvent event) {
08:29:52 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> @Listener
08:30:14 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> damn it discord
08:30:40 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> My suggestion isn't the best way to work as well. The best is this:
08:31:09 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> but @MoeBoy76 If i may ask, why do you need a static instance hanging around?
08:31:57 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> how else am i gonna access shit?
08:32:16 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> and injector.createInstance
08:32:35 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> @MoeBoy76 what do you mean..?
08:32:57 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> @MoeBoy76 The best practice of object oriented programming is to pass plugin instance to constructors of your other objects if they need them
08:33:02 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> dependency injection is there for a reason, anything heirarchial can get it passed down
08:33:04 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> Give me an example of your need
08:33:34 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> i don't see why i should store 50 references to my main class
08:34:00 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> you dont
08:34:00 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> Then just use my first version with a getter
08:34:04 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> no
08:34:09 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> there is a reason Guice exists
08:34:22 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> you inject as needed into the classes that need reference to it
08:34:56 Spongie <l​ia​ch​> If you store 50 references, there must be something wrong with your design because you put irrelevent stuff in your main class. you just pass the part in main class you need down
08:35:21 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> main class has the logger, the logger isn't static cos it's injected
08:35:30 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> not trying to bash on it/you btw just want to instill good habits
08:35:32 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> yea
08:35:40 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> and then you inject loggers as needed into other places
08:35:57 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> you should never just statically use your main logger
08:36:12 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> Offs discord servers are dying again
08:36:27 Spongie <M​oe​Bo​y7​6> it's fine, i have a working solution
08:59:35 Spongie <Y​er​eg​or​ix​>
09:00:39 Spongie <Y​er​eg​or​ix​> I suppose otherwise it would cause a memory leak.
09:02:04 Spongie <Y​er​eg​or​ix​> but I need confirmation because in my case I'm using very heavy objects and I don't want to have a memory leak.
09:02:09 Spongie <Y​er​eg​or​ix​> (Chunks)
09:20:06 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> Standby
09:20:14 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> Yes
09:20:17 Spongie <S​no​wi​e ​(D​4r​k)​> Should be
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09:49:05 Spongie <T​he​Fl​as​h7​87​> @Lord_Ralex Hah. Don’t be one of those guys
09:49:29 Spongie <T​he​Fl​as​h7​87​> I posted those messages to help them, it wasn’t a long piece of code you numpty
09:51:20 Spongie <T​he​Fl​as​h7​87​> I didn’t want to be one of the developers that say ‘Learn Java, before coming here’
09:51:32 Spongie <T​he​Fl​as​h7​87​> Hell, I started learning Java through SpongeAPI
09:52:04 Spongie <T​he​Fl​as​h7​87​> (Mainly because that’s all I needed it for lol)
09:54:43 Spongie <T​he​Fl​as​h7​87​> If you don’t want to read a long piece of helpful text, then don’t read it.
12:41:06 Spongie <H​HH​g> J
14:28:50 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> @TheFlash787 when it completely shoves all prior conversation off a modern screen, I will complain
14:29:27 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> That message was also deleted that it reference
14:31:15 Spongie <L​or​d_​Ra​le​x> Also wasn't even at you
15:16:04 Spongie <H​HH​g> how send a message in /g
15:16:29 Spongie <H​HH​g> on sponge forge
15:20:23 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o>
15:20:25 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> What is /g?
15:20:44 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> 4chan technology board
15:20:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> global
15:20:47 Spongie <H​HH​g> global chat
15:20:53 Spongie <H​HH​g> i want send a message in global chat
15:20:55 Spongie <H​HH​g> how ?
15:21:37 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> The default minecraft server does not have a global chat 🤔
15:21:47 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Are you using a plugin which introduces a global chat?
15:21:54 Spongie <H​HH​g> uchat
15:21:58 Spongie <H​HH​g> but
15:22:00 Spongie <H​HH​g> in spongeforge
15:22:05 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Well, in that case, try the uchat discord
15:22:12 Spongie <H​HH​g> man
15:22:23 Spongie <H​HH​g> i want send a message in global (in game)
15:22:29 Spongie <H​HH​g> for my code
15:23:02 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> loop thru all players and send them a message?
15:23:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes
15:23:17 Spongie <H​HH​g> no
15:23:19 Spongie <H​HH​g> have a better method
15:23:26 Spongie <H​HH​g> Brodcasting
15:24:12 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> You can start digging around Sponge.class, thats all you need to know. Rest for such simple task you can figure out if you know basic java, reading docs and knowing how to use your ide
15:25:44 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> There's a broadcast method somewhere, but I don't remember where exacty
15:25:49 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes
15:25:51 Spongie <H​HH​g> how use
15:26:08 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> That's described well enough in the documentation I think
15:26:36 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> btw, what's that stream about, neumim?
15:26:59 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> forge 1.13 progress
15:27:09 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> cpw is leading dev who is rewriting modloader
15:27:23 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r>
15:27:47 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> :excitedpepegif:
15:27:50 Spongie <N​eu​mi​mT​o> iwishihadnitro
15:28:24 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r>
15:28:27 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> here, one for you too
15:29:33 Spongie <H​HH​g> final MessageChannel TO_PLAYERS;
15:30:57 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Here, I'll help you out some more
15:31:05 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> I've put in the term "broadcast" into the docs searchbar
15:31:45 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Also, I just had an idea
15:31:58 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> a "Let me search the SpongePowered Documentation for you" website
15:32:07 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> like lmgtfy, but for spongedocs
15:33:36 Spongie <H​HH​g> ok
15:35:27 Spongie <H​HH​g> thanks
15:35:38 Spongie <H​HH​g> head you use MagiBridge ?
15:35:49 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Nope, I personally don't have any experience with it
15:36:05 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> And out of all of this, I want you to learn something far more important than how to broadcast text to players
15:36:08 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> It's how to use the docs
15:37:37 Spongie <H​HH​g> now i will test
16:12:35 Spongie <H​HH​g> @HaedHutner how get the player by name ?
16:12:41 Spongie <H​HH​g> the name is in participant1
16:12:48 Spongie <H​HH​g> i need get player with this name
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16:31:28 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> @HHHg
16:31:32 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> !?tag code
16:31:37 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> ?!tag code
16:31:39 Spongie <H​HH​g> ?
16:31:40 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> ?tag code
16:31:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> wtf
16:31:47 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> use ```java
16:31:52 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> to submit code
16:32:07 Spongie <H​HH​g> ok
16:34:44 Spongie <H​HH​g> i can use this
16:34:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> *cant
16:34:48 Spongie <H​HH​g> idk
16:34:49 Spongie <H​HH​g> is a tring
16:34:51 Spongie <H​HH​g> string
16:35:03 Spongie <H​HH​g> o
16:35:05 Spongie <H​HH​g> forget
16:35:06 Spongie <H​HH​g> i found
16:36:17 Spongie <H​HH​g> yeah
16:36:20 Spongie <p​hi​t> !?searchdocs text
16:36:20 Spongie <T​ay​lo​r ​Sw​if​t>
16:36:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> idk now
16:36:26 Spongie <H​HH​g> i used this
16:36:27 Spongie <H​HH​g> but
16:36:36 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫>
16:38:58 Spongie <H​HH​g> why dont have profileManager
16:39:11 Spongie <H​HH​g> iam confuses now
16:39:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> confused
16:39:37 Spongie <p​hi​t> you never declared it?
16:39:49 Spongie <H​HH​g> oo
16:39:50 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> java is very strict. If you don't tell it something exists, it doesn't
16:39:54 Spongie <H​HH​g> ok
16:41:09 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Hold on, I might have just the help you need
16:41:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> now function
16:41:19 Spongie <H​HH​g> thanks
16:43:56 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> @HHHg
16:43:59 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> This is for you
16:44:51 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Go through it, learn Java, then come back to trying to write plugins with it
16:45:20 Spongie <H​HH​g> thanks but now function
16:45:31 Spongie <H​HH​g> i can create a get and seter
16:45:34 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Yeah, whatever
16:45:35 Spongie <H​HH​g> for players
16:45:39 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Go through the tutorials anyway
16:45:40 Spongie <H​HH​g> but iam only testing
16:45:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> iam brazilian
16:45:51 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Cool, and I'm Bulgarian
16:45:54 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Go through the tutorials
16:45:56 Spongie <H​HH​g> i watched in Gustavo Guanabara
16:46:00 Spongie <H​HH​g> he is brazillian
16:46:09 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> And I watched my Bulgarian lecturer explain Java to me in Bulgarian
16:46:12 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> He sucked, too
16:46:16 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Go through the tutorials
16:46:29 Spongie <H​HH​g> i cant understand iam brazillian man, my inglish is basci
16:46:31 Spongie <H​HH​g> basic
16:46:48 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> What a great opportunity to learn
17:01:30 Spongie <H​HH​g> 😦 i dont have time i need finish my plugin to my server
17:04:01 Spongie <S​am​B4​40​> a rushed plugin is no good...
17:04:18 Spongie <H​HH​g> heaehae
17:04:25 Spongie <H​HH​g> i cant use GameProfile
17:04:54 Spongie <p​hi​t> more like you should learn java before making a plugin
17:05:07 Spongie <H​HH​g> i now java, iam not acustame with sponge
17:06:11 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Wouldn't the participant be online?
17:06:31 Spongie <H​HH​g> he is online
17:06:34 Spongie <H​HH​g> is my friend
17:06:37 Spongie <H​HH​g> and me
17:06:56 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Then just get it from Server
17:07:00 Spongie <H​HH​g> first i cheked to see if the participan is a player
17:07:02 Spongie <H​HH​g> how ?
17:07:06 Spongie <H​HH​g> how get from server ?
17:07:18 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> if it's a player, why are you getting the game profile from the gpmanager?
17:07:36 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> just use player.getGameProfile()
17:07:59 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes but i want get the player with the same name of participant
17:08:13 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Why would that exist?
17:08:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> i want write the parcipant name in chat
17:08:48 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> you clearly dont know java
17:08:59 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> youre printing a not completed future
17:09:13 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> its not even a future of String
17:09:15 Spongie <H​HH​g> i never used this eufranio
17:09:17 Spongie <R​ai​de​r> How do I add colour to my text builder for the message and hover?
17:09:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> what i need do ?
17:09:25 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> search for a tutorial on CompletableFuture
17:09:30 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> builder.color()
17:10:08 Spongie <R​ai​de​r> Yeah but what about long strings where I'm constantly changing the colour for parts of the message? Like "T&be&c" etc etc
17:10:27 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> you can use the Text.of()
17:10:32 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> building your text
17:10:35 Spongie <H​HH​g> my future is complet man
17:10:40 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Don't use magic strings
17:10:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> why dont function ?
17:10:57 Spongie <R​ai​de​r> Does Text.of() auto translate the colour codes?
17:11:09 Spongie <R​ai​de​r> I didn't think it did.. I have been using TextSerializers.FORMATTING_CODE.deserialize()
17:11:10 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> or use a TextSerializer
17:11:22 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Text.of("T", TextColors.BLUE, e, TextColors.GOLD)
17:12:05 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> import static TextColors and it'll be even better
17:12:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> probaly participant1 inst string
17:13:06 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> It's Optional<Player>
17:13:14 Spongie <H​HH​g> ?
17:13:19 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> do you know about Optionals?
17:13:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> o
17:13:25 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> It's a funamental part of the api
17:13:33 Spongie <H​HH​g> so what i need do ?
17:13:57 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> !?searchdocs optional
17:14:40 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Here's a player 💣
17:14:52 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Oops, that's not a player
17:15:18 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Here's a box that might contain a player. You'll have to check. 📦
17:15:39 Spongie <H​HH​g> i think participant1 isnt a player
17:15:53 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> compiler says it's a Optional, which is the package
17:16:14 Spongie <H​HH​g> but i cant get the name
17:16:18 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> in short, you have to call .get()
17:16:23 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> but that's not recommended
17:16:29 Spongie <H​HH​g> i cant get the name i tried
17:16:35 Spongie <H​HH​g> only DisplayName
17:16:53 Spongie <R​ai​de​r> Whenever I use a TextSerializer, it always results in
17:17:10 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> You're calling toString()
17:17:48 Spongie <H​HH​g> killjoy
17:17:50 Spongie <H​HH​g> is impossible
17:17:56 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> learn optionals
17:18:01 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> TextSerializers.FORMATTING_CODE_deserialize
17:18:28 Spongie <R​ai​de​r> but Text.builder( only accepts a string
17:18:32 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> @HHHg
17:18:53 Spongie <H​HH​g> How will this help me get the player's name?
17:19:00 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Good luck understand him though. I would've prefered a text tutorial
17:19:07 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> it's wrapped in an optional
17:19:20 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> deserialize the string then call text.toBuilder() to get a builder
17:19:27 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Oh wait.
17:19:37 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Your variable is the wrong type
17:19:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> is String
17:19:51 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> The other variable
17:19:56 Spongie <H​HH​g> what
17:20:04 Spongie <H​HH​g> getName inst the name
17:20:11 Spongie <H​HH​g> is a long descripiton
17:20:34 Spongie <H​HH​g> see
17:20:38 Spongie <H​HH​g> when i use getName
17:20:43 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> What's the type of participant1?
17:20:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> a lot of information
17:20:51 Spongie <H​HH​g> String
17:21:11 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Looks like an array to me
17:21:29 Spongie <H​HH​g> but is array
17:21:36 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> what type of array
17:21:48 Spongie <H​HH​g> the participant ?
17:22:05 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> hhhg a cursory glance at the back and forth here suggests that you really need to learn Java before doing sponge
17:22:07 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> the field on the event. What type is it?
17:22:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> i think i cant get the name
17:22:52 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Let's start again
17:23:02 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> why are those arrays even
17:23:03 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> What is the type of the variable player1
17:23:11 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> why are they even fields
17:23:12 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> pi, this is a plugin for pixelmon
17:23:29 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> no I mean participant1
17:23:31 Spongie <H​HH​g> GameProfileManager
17:23:41 Spongie <H​HH​g> is a Array flavor
17:23:44 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Now... what type does getPlayer() return?
17:23:57 Spongie <H​HH​g> the player name, String
17:24:09 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> no. getServer().getPlayer()
17:24:36 Spongie <H​HH​g> return the player man
17:24:50 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> is that what the documentation says
17:24:54 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> Now.. is Player a subclass of GameProfileManager?
17:24:54 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> Or your IDE
17:24:55 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes
17:25:15 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> no
17:25:17 Spongie <H​HH​g> no
17:25:18 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> You cannot set Player to an instance of GPM
17:25:23 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> change the type
17:26:03 Spongie <H​HH​g> iam testing, but before iam using this GameProfileManager player1 = Sponge.getServer().getGameProfileManager();
17:26:17 Spongie <H​HH​g> after
17:26:17 Spongie <H​HH​g> CompletableFuture<GameProfile> futureGameProfile = player1.get(participante1n);
17:26:23 Spongie <H​HH​g> and to show
17:26:33 Spongie <H​HH​g> Text batalha = Text.of(futureGameProfile + "Vs" + futureGameProfile2);
17:26:33 Spongie <H​HH​g> MessageChannel.TO_PLAYERS.send(batalha);
17:26:33 Spongie <H​HH​g> + "Vs" + futureGameProfile2);
17:26:39 Spongie <H​HH​g> @killjoy 🔫 but dont function
17:26:56 Spongie <H​HH​g> give me this
17:26:59 Spongie <H​HH​g> idk
17:27:18 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> You could just copy the text you know
17:27:40 Spongie <H​HH​g> ok but, why dont function
17:27:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> dont have errors
17:27:48 Spongie <H​HH​g> and is a string
17:28:00 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> it functions perfectly
17:28:07 Spongie <H​HH​g> probaly
17:28:08 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> you told it to print an uncompleted future
17:28:08 Spongie <H​HH​g> + "Vs" + futureGameProfile2);
17:28:13 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> and that's what it did
17:28:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> so how i can complet ?
17:28:53 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> remember when you were told to look up how to use figures
17:29:10 Spongie <H​HH​g> CompletableFuture<GameProfile> futureGameProfile2 = player1.get(participante1n).toCompletableFuture();
17:29:10 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> do that
17:29:12 Spongie <H​HH​g> ?
17:29:45 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> this is the how to use sponge server, not the how to use basic Java libraries server
17:30:18 <-- Z750 (Z750! has quit (Quit: Off to make some tacos!)
17:30:19 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> if you don't know Java, you need to learn that first before sponge.
17:30:26 Spongie <H​HH​g> so how i can complete, i only want get the player name
17:30:40 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> If it was a one step, I would tell you.
17:31:04 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> Since I'm telling you to seek other resources, you may deduce that it is much more than a one step.
17:31:40 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> to quickly answer - the future literally represents a value that doesn't exist yet but will in the future
17:32:03 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> and in order for it to be completed, the server needs to continue
17:32:25 Spongie <p​hi​t> the profile already exists anyway
17:32:32 Spongie <p​hi​t> both players are on the server
17:32:38 Spongie <p​hi​t> you dont need to do any of this
17:32:45 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> so your follow-up code needs to be run after the future is done
17:32:53 Spongie <H​HH​g> ok but participant1 isnt a string
17:33:07 Spongie <H​HH​g> i want get the player by the name
17:33:26 Spongie <p​hi​t> no you dont you want to get the name of the player
17:33:27 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> Server has a method for that
17:33:47 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> Hang on no
17:33:56 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> you're spaghettifying in three different ways here
17:34:04 Spongie <p​hi​t> yes..
17:34:18 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> event.participant1[0] is already a player is it not?
17:34:26 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> no, its a BattleParticipant
17:34:27 Spongie <H​HH​g> is
17:34:37 Spongie <H​HH​g> is checked before
17:34:40 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> it's an wrapper
17:34:49 Spongie <k​il​lj​oy​ 🔫> It's pixelmon
17:35:02 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> pixelmon
17:35:08 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> you shouldn't be using display name though
17:35:13 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> always use UUIDs
17:35:18 Spongie <π​_f​la​vo​r> except for player input
17:35:35 Spongie <p​hi​t> im sure you dont need to do that
17:35:54 Spongie <p​hi​t> and theres an easy way to get the player from the BattleParticipant
17:36:05 Spongie <H​HH​g> try you
17:36:07 Spongie <H​HH​g> to see
17:36:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> i will try this
17:36:58 Spongie <p​hi​t> do you just copy and paste stuff randomly you find?
17:37:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> no
17:37:28 Spongie <H​HH​g> i made this
17:38:53 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> you can get the EntityPlayer via PlayerParticipant#player
17:39:17 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> get a PlayerParticipant by casting your BattleParticipant to one[
17:39:40 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> do you know what any of those mean?
17:39:51 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes
17:40:17 Spongie <p​hi​t> this is forge isnt it?
17:40:20 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> yep
17:40:23 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes
17:40:26 Spongie <H​HH​g> i will try eufranio
17:40:34 Spongie <H​HH​g> i only want get the participant1
17:41:23 Spongie <H​HH​g> i will need check if participan1 is the same player in tournament
17:42:12 Spongie <H​HH​g> to get the winner and back the loser to spawn
17:42:46 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> wait
17:43:12 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> you'll need a mcp workspace for that
17:43:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> why ?
17:43:35 Spongie <H​HH​g> iam using forge and sponge forge
17:43:39 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> because EntityPlayer is from net.minecraft.entity...
17:43:46 Spongie <H​HH​g> yes iam using mcp
17:44:05 Spongie <H​HH​g> EntityPlayer player = participan1.getEntity ?
17:44:09 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> oh i see.
17:44:11 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> no
17:44:30 Spongie <H​HH​g> participant1 have the getEntity
17:44:31 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> ((PlayerParticipant) participant).player
17:44:32 Spongie <H​HH​g> i saw
17:45:06 Spongie <H​HH​g> man
17:45:10 Spongie <H​HH​g> i think dont function
17:45:11 Spongie <H​HH​g> beacuse
17:45:22 Spongie <p​hi​t> aww you gave it away eufranio, even though you already explained it
17:45:25 Spongie <H​HH​g> PlayerParticipant isn in BattleStartedEvent
17:45:35 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
17:45:46 Spongie <p​hi​t> thats why you cast from the BattleParticipant
17:46:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> hmm
17:46:19 Spongie <p​hi​t> PlayerParticipant extends BattleParticipant
17:46:20 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> i saw Echo made a few youtube tutorials on making sponge plugins
17:46:22 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> why dont you watch them
17:46:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> because iam brazilian and my inglish is basic, whatever how this will helpme in pixelmonApi
17:46:57 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> it will help you with development at all
17:47:02 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> because you have near 0 knowledge
17:47:20 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> let me see if it has translatins
17:47:26 Spongie <H​HH​g> i really only need get the player participant, the rest i now how make
17:48:02 Spongie <p​hi​t> and we told you how to
17:48:29 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o>
17:49:00 Spongie <H​HH​g> again i really only need get the player participant, the rest i now how make
17:49:01 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> youtube can automatically translate it for portuguese
17:52:08 Spongie <H​HH​g> arrhgga, why is so difficulty get the player ?
17:52:14 Spongie <H​HH​g> by using participant1
17:52:22 Spongie <H​HH​g> i dont understand
17:52:24 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> it is when you dont know what you're doing
17:53:06 Spongie <H​HH​g> try you get the Participant
17:53:35 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> i did many times
17:53:47 Spongie <H​HH​g> i get the name
17:53:55 Spongie <H​HH​g> wtf
17:53:59 Spongie <H​HH​g> pokemon isnt a player
17:54:11 Spongie <H​HH​g> GameProfile can get the entitys ?
17:54:51 Spongie <H​HH​g> forget
17:54:56 Spongie <H​HH​g> iam dont using
17:56:22 Spongie <p​hi​t> anyway, this is really not sponge related unless you have more sponge dev related questions i would suggest going to the pixelmon discord
17:56:25 Spongie <H​HH​g> i think i dont need get the player
17:56:33 Spongie <H​HH​g> @phit idk what is the discord
17:56:41 Spongie <p​hi​t>
17:56:49 Spongie <H​HH​g> @phit
17:57:04 Spongie <H​HH​g> i thing i dont need get a player by using participan
17:57:13 Spongie <H​HH​g> i only need get the player on tournament event
17:57:17 Spongie <H​HH​g> and check if the player name
17:57:21 Spongie <H​HH​g> is the same of participant
17:58:07 Spongie <H​HH​g> can function
17:58:13 Spongie <p​hi​t> idk what that says are you banned from that discord? not really in our control, we already told you how to get the player if you dont listen or understand this isnt the place to teach you java
17:58:40 Spongie <H​HH​g> only because i sad pixelmon reforged dont update
18:02:58 Spongie <H​HH​g> But i dont need get the player, i only will check when the battle start if the two participant is the same player that is in the tournament (i will force 2 players battle in the tournament)
18:03:40 Spongie <H​HH​g> @phit so i dont need get the participant player
18:03:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> Only the name
18:03:46 Spongie <p​hi​t> stop pinging me
18:03:49 Spongie <H​HH​g> Sorry
18:06:45 Spongie <H​HH​g> @Eufranio thanks for helpme
18:06:48 Spongie <H​HH​g> 😃
18:20:19 Spongie <J​am​es​> Whenever I get the Y coord of a chunk, it always returns 0. Does it class a chunk as 16x256x16 instead of 16x16x16?
18:21:42 <-- ST-DDT (ST-DDT! has quit (Quit: ST-DDT)
18:23:37 Spongie <d​oo​t> a chunk is always 16x256x16
18:24:06 Spongie <d​oo​t> that's why the world height is 256
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18:31:08 Spongie <p​hi​t> well
18:31:15 Spongie <p​hi​t> technically theres vertical chunks
18:32:37 Spongie <p​hi​t> looks like sponge doesnt have vertical chunks
18:33:29 Spongie <J​am​es​> Ok thanks and can I set a commands priority to highest so it overrides the command in other plugins?
18:34:24 Spongie <p​hi​t> pretty sure that depends on load order
18:34:36 Spongie <p​hi​t> server owners can set the priority in the server config
18:34:43 Spongie <J​am​es​> I thought so, wasn't sure if it had a way to set it like events do
18:37:24 Spongie <E​uf​ra​ni​o> if I want to inject an instance of MyClass on my main plugin class, do I need to work with injector binders and etc?
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