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Topic set by: mbaxter on January 28, 2018 02:52:00 pm

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Topic -- Topic: Hello!
Topic -- Topic set on January 28, 2018 02:52:00 pm by mbaxter
13:13:26 Spongie <M​D​> Does it save the exact version, or a specifier to install the latest compatible version (like npm)?
14:05:26 Spongie <J​a​d​e​n​> if you append the version it will try to install that version and add it to the config, if nothing is specified it will save in the config as recommended which will install the recommended version every time, I should probably change that
18:03:31 Spongie <j​u​l​i​a​n​> #test
00:10:21 Spongie <j​a​m​i​e​r​o​c​k​s​> that looks pretty neat 👍
15:38:33 Spongie <f​e​l​i​x​o​i​> We deployed a new version 🎉 You can now set avatars for organizations!

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