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Topic set by: mbaxter on January 28, 2018 02:52:00 pm

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Topic -- Topic: Hello!
Topic -- Topic set on January 28, 2018 02:52:00 pm by mbaxter
20:44:35 Spongie <f​el​ix​oi​> My bad then
20:45:27 Spongie <f​el​ix​oi​> Blame yourself for your approval on the pr :p
20:48:28 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> Lots of blame to go around. I think we should just blame the government
20:48:32 Spongie <H​ae​dH​ut​ne​r> It's easier
21:30:40 Spongie <f​el​ix​oi​> Anyway we will fix it ;)

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