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Topic -- Topic set on September 6, 2018 09:45:23 pm by kashike
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00:57:12 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> is anyone familiar with Kotlin's Exposed library?
00:57:24 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> for SQL queries
00:57:40 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I'm wondering if it's a good idea
00:58:03 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I may try it; I like the idea of not writing fat statements myself
01:00:25 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> @MicleBrick is using it
01:00:34 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> its nice
01:00:37 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> sql is not nice tho
01:00:38 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> 😄
01:01:13 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> was using
01:01:29 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it can return generated keys and all that?
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01:07:48 DiscordBot <r​ya​n.​> @Aerocet i am
01:07:50 DiscordBot <r​ya​n.​> and it can
01:08:23 DiscordBot <r​ya​n.​> something like kotlin transaction { Table.insert { ... }.generatedKey }... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/94cc7eb4b13c420084f09b6508c1c6e5
01:08:32 DiscordBot <r​ya​n.​> exposed is great
01:24:47 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> this is exciting
01:32:38 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> watchout for that leaf guy though he will give you crap for using kotlin at any chance he gets
01:33:08 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> kotlin needs to be burned at the stake
01:33:19 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I may not rest until that is done
01:33:21 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> you have leaf on highlight dont you
01:33:28 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> no
01:33:35 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> am saw new message checked it out
01:33:36 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> kotlin then
01:33:38 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> got baited etc
01:34:18 Z750 Speaking of burning stuff at the stake, hi leafy
01:34:59 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> u need to be burned with ur tacos
01:35:24 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> maybe they can do one useful thing
01:35:30 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> keep u company before u die
01:36:00 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> good lord if that gets any darker law enforcement's gonna kill me
01:36:27 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> wow
01:36:39 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Am report to discord
01:36:45 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Threatening other users
01:37:22 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> no u
01:38:32 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> u first
01:38:40 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> after u
01:38:46 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ladies first
01:38:47 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> u go
01:38:54 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> o thks
01:45:26 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> @Spottedleaf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNacIAkNOm4
01:45:27 CafeBabe (DiscordBot) 10 Little Leaves | finger play song for children - length 1m 21s - 115 likes, 19 dislikes (85.8%) - 81,799 views - Mr. Mike TV on 2013.10.01
01:45:44 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> wtf
01:45:59 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> now i have this song stuck in my head
01:46:00 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnZlAOSEmYQ
01:46:01 CafeBabe (DiscordBot) Michael Mitchell "Canada in my Pocket" - length 4m 3s - 4,247 likes, 330 dislikes (92.8%) - 1,407,490 views - Michael Mitchell on 2007.09.27
01:46:14 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> the next time I see that man, it'll be in an interview with chris hansen
01:46:16 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> fuck that
01:46:21 DiscordBot .g chris hansen
01:46:22 CafeBabe (DiscordBot) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Hansen -- Chris Hansen - Wikipedia: "Christopher Edward Hansen (born September 13, 1959) is an American television journalist. He is known for his work on Dateline NBC, in particular the..."
01:46:31 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> nice
01:46:41 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> mhm
01:47:20 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> soooo a data class has equals & hashcode, an object is like a class with static methods only, and a class is a class
01:47:25 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> so my Exposed DAO should be an object
01:47:34 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> amiright
01:47:56 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> objects are not static-only
01:48:06 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> uhm
01:48:15 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> okay so what is the difference
01:48:21 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> from wat
01:48:26 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> clas vs object in kotlin
01:48:27 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> an object is an object
01:48:31 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> oh this is kolin
01:48:32 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> it's pretty much lombok's @data
01:48:33 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> idk
01:48:38 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> have fun with that cancerous shit
01:48:44 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> okay so i was right then
01:49:28 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> object is a singleton, so it has just one instance
01:49:31 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> and you refer to it by name
01:49:43 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> ahh okay
01:49:49 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> try making one and peak it in a decompiler
01:49:51 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> mfw your language is so fucking dumb you replace static with singletons
01:50:01 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> leaf go do something useful
01:50:04 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's what I was doing in java anyway...
01:50:07 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I am
01:50:17 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> am fighting the evils of kotlin
01:50:19 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> i'll blieve it when i see it
01:50:47 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> prplz do you do DI manually
01:50:51 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> or do you use dagger or something
01:51:03 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> will you be mad if i say i never did any DI
01:51:15 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> pls do not tell me that you do Object.getInstance()
01:51:30 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> don't say it prplz
01:51:38 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> oh, no jsut the plugin class
01:51:44 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> not every other class
01:51:51 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> what do you mean
01:52:02 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> i dont have getInstance on EVERYTHING
01:52:07 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> oh god
01:53:30 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I was using guice, but I want to consider my project from all angles with kotlin in mind before i start
01:53:51 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> my first kotlin project pushes box flap harder
01:54:11 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> apparently you can do super complex stuff in like 10 characters of text
01:54:23 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> my brain is ready
01:54:36 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> data classes support destructuring 😃
01:54:37 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> you never answered my question this morning 😦
01:54:44 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> who hits the box flap while you sleep
01:55:06 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> have you ever seen an interruption in the flap hitting?
01:55:11 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> that's all you need to know
01:55:30 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> well I dont really ever check
01:55:35 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> so technically I dont ever see you do it eitehr
01:55:45 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> schrodingers box flap hitting
01:57:39 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://giphy.com/gifs/afv-funny-fail-lol-l4KibK3JwaVo0CjDO
01:58:06 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> this makes me want to be a cat
01:58:10 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> when kash isnt working on nsa bot, whitespace fixes, or joining github orgs
01:58:16 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> he's relaxing with some box slides
01:58:34 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> you forgot the other thing
01:58:42 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> when kashike is stuck on a design decision in code:
01:58:43 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://giphy.com/gifs/cat-box-legs-10SAlsUFbyl5Dy
01:58:50 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> lol
01:59:03 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> that is interesting
02:01:57 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> what is id 'com.github.johnrengelman.shadow' version '4.0.3' in kotlin's build.gradle
02:02:09 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> shading plugin
02:02:12 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> the shadow plugin
02:02:13 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> no like what is the syntax
02:02:15 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> its like maven shade
02:02:16 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> sorry
02:02:27 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I worded that poorly
02:02:34 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> that's the plugin syntax
02:02:46 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> build.gradle yes, not build.gradle.kts
02:02:48 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> new plugin declarations are so much better
02:02:54 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> the old way was annoying af
02:03:04 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> their dependency DSL thing
02:03:05 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's not kotlin dsl
02:03:06 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> they have a name for it
02:03:13 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> oh
02:03:14 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> you mean
02:03:23 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> like kotlin("jvm") version "1.3.11" is a plugin in kotlin
02:03:25 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> id("com.github.johnrengelman.shadow") version "4.0.3"
02:03:28 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> yaya
02:03:29 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> ty
02:12:32 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it does not like my build.gradle file
02:12:37 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> at all lol
02:13:04 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> nobody likes gradle
02:13:12 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I like it when it works 😄
02:13:23 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> currently it is presenting me with hate
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02:15:50 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> ForgeGradle requires gradle minecraft { version = "1.12.2" mappings = "snapshot_20180814" } ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/7a66165c8f694dd68b9585289f37130d
02:16:01 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> although perhaps I just have the dependency wrong
02:16:15 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> how to do buildscript D:
02:17:05 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it doesn't recognize shadowjar either
02:17:13 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> wat kotlin >:|
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02:20:58 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> yeah I don't use the kotlin buildscript
02:23:57 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's funny because even trying to look for a sample build.gradle.kts, they are all so stupidly different
02:24:02 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> even within the same organization
02:24:24 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> they spend more time on their build.gradle than I do on anything ever in life
02:29:26 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> do I want compile(kotlin("stdlib-jdk8")) in my dependencies? kotlin put that there
02:31:02 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> oh it works once I removed it
03:09:44 DiscordBot <A​xi​te​> Probably a dumb question, but I cant seem to find a definitive answer. Whats the best way to increase the mob spawning rate around players? Can this be done from configs or would this be better handled by a plugin?
03:11:48 \^-^ it can be done through spigot config files I think
03:11:50 \^-^ or bukkit
03:11:54 \^-^ one of the two prolly
03:16:49 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> does this do the shadow task first and the reobf task after? gradle tasks.withType<ShadowJar> { ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/24e03c8bccae4c40becb144433f1a80a
03:17:13 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it appears to be running the reobf task
03:17:54 DiscordBot <G​ra​in​s ​of​ S​al​t> In order to manual change the outcome of an inventorypickup event do I need to cancel the event and alter the inventory, or can I somehow change the item being picked up within the event itself?
03:19:16 Z750 well there's no setItem
03:19:19 Z750 so no
03:20:35 DiscordBot <G​ra​in​s ​of​ S​al​t> So I'd need to cancel the event and edit the inventory manually?
03:20:45 Z750 yes
03:24:40 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> @Aerocet the box flap is winning
03:24:56 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> what my shit is working
03:25:06 Z750 its not enough
03:25:12 Z750 flap has clearly taken the lead
03:25:18 Z750 really showing you up
03:25:29 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i havem y doubts
03:25:37 Z750 we can tell
03:25:47 Z750 you should probs back out now
03:25:50 Z750 this is getting embarassing
03:25:52 DiscordBot <V​ec​to​r> @Z750 is it feasible that the item can be changed despite no API yet?
03:26:04 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> well i'm still pushing the flap
03:27:13 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I hear flap and all I think of is fastest lap
03:27:48 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> if you click on my picture you can get a real clear understanding of my frustration
03:28:22 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> okay my build.gradle.kts is done
03:28:25 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> jesus fuck
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03:29:38 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> @Vector idk what you mean
03:30:09 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I'm in way too deep to back out of kotlin now
03:30:17 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> didnt you just get set up?
03:30:29 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> yeah but i spent ages on this kotlin build file
03:30:34 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's gross
03:31:17 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> shadowJar {}?
03:31:18 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> kotlin says: NO
03:31:19 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> tasks.withType<ShadowJar>
03:31:32 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> kotlin is gross in general
03:31:38 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> so no surprise there
03:32:07 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​> @Vector no. But a PR could fix it. You'd have to check where it's being called from. It might be a spot where changing the item is impossible. I'll look this weekend for you, if I'm feeling frisky
03:32:08 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i like watching videos of the lead kotlin language dude because he sounds completely out of breath the whole time
03:32:15 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i'm pent up with anxiety just listening to him
03:33:04 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> that's the signs of late kotlin poisoning
03:33:10 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> you run out of breath often
03:33:25 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> only happens to the exceptionally kotlin addicted
03:33:38 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> death or insanity soon follow
03:33:45 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> it's honestly quite tragic
03:33:53 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> so my main class... open or not open?
03:33:54 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I wish there was more awareness of this disease
03:34:11 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> fuck public class, it's time for open class and sealed class
03:34:17 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​> Kotlin is like those YouTube videos where they post edit out all the pauses/breaths so it's just non stop talking/blabbering
03:34:29 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> shut the doors let's have a sealed class
03:34:33 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> hehehe
03:34:53 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> oh no, they do not cut the breaths out of andrey or whatever his name is
03:34:57 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it is 100% breath
03:35:05 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> 0% kotlin
03:35:11 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> it was an analogy
03:35:21 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i know doofus
03:35:30 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i was commenting on his crippling attacks on stage
03:35:47 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> so was I
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03:35:59 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I'm a medical expert in the field of programming language disease
03:36:00 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> are you one step ahead of me or just dumb 😛
03:36:04 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> oh i see
03:37:18 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> OOOH the formatter says that class <Name> : <Inheritance> is proper syntax but I regularly have seen people forgetting the space before the colon
03:37:21 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> always learn the proper way
03:37:37 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I love when I ctrl alt L and there are no corrections
03:37:38 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> of course they forget it
03:37:46 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> kotlin is the language you go to lose shit
03:37:47 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ur mind
03:37:49 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ur boilerplate
03:37:51 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ur sanity
03:37:55 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> etc
03:38:16 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> how do I annotate a class in kotlin https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/376027489924939785.png
03:38:26 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it turned my @Plugin into @org.spongepowered.api.plugin.Plugin
03:38:28 --> MrSpock78_ (MrSpock78_!~MrSpock78@SpigotMC-47a08c.dyn.telefonica.de) joined the channel
03:38:28 DiscordBot .g annotations kotlin
03:38:29 CafeBabe (DiscordBot) https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/annotations.html -- Annotations - Kotlin Programming Language: "If you need to annotate the primary constructor of a class, you need to add the constructor keyword to the constructor declaration, and add the..."
03:38:37 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> oh shit
03:38:39 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it takes you right to it
03:38:41 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> that's disgusting
03:38:45 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> LOL
03:38:49 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> did I every tell you how disgusting that icon is
03:38:53 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> fitting though
03:39:05 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I haven't quite formed an opinion on it yet
03:39:17 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> be sure to let mine bias yours
03:39:22 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> as it is correct after all
03:39:26 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> objectively correct
03:39:44 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I just want to know why it's expanding my annotation to heck
03:39:51 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> and it's not highlighted in yellow
03:39:59 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i absolutely require my annotations to be yellow
03:40:17 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> maybe you gotta import it
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03:41:11 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> I'm more confused players can join if there's no world loaded
03:41:13 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's not doing that for me which is weird
03:41:15 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> seems like a design flaw
03:41:23 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> @#1701
03:41:32 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> if I have to import my own classes I'm out
03:41:48 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> probably just the standard "this language is new" bullshit
03:41:51 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i want the "multiple choices" dropdown
03:41:59 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> > spent all day programming stuff for mongo
03:42:03 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> > couldn't even get it to connect
03:42:05 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
03:42:06 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> which you should expect for like 5-7 years
03:42:10 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> hey miclebrick
03:42:14 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> what
03:42:17 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> do you have to manually import classes in kotlin
03:42:20 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> u got urself a new kotlin fanboy
03:42:21 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> what
03:42:24 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> not any more than you do in java
03:42:35 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> why isn't my annotation importing .-.
03:42:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> its like the same exact thing as in java except without semicolons
03:42:58 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> mfw removing semicolons
03:43:04 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> they're optional
03:43:06 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> what a language
03:43:11 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> still
03:43:22 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> the point of making them optional is so people would argue endlessly over whether they should be present
03:43:34 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> if I ever see a kotlin project I'm fucking using both
03:43:35 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> um
03:43:37 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> in the same file
03:43:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> they have standards for when to use them
03:43:46 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> that's cancer
03:43:47 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> and IDEA tells you to remove it if you have it
03:43:50 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> that's some real cancer
03:43:51 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> for no reason
03:43:56 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> they're useful for multiple statements on one line
03:44:03 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> are your annotations colored miclebrick
03:44:11 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> mine is white instead of yellow
03:44:15 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> repulsive
03:44:20 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> sounds like your project isn't set up right
03:44:34 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> i don't see an annotation
03:44:37 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> most likely your build script is screwed up
03:44:43 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> not compiling right
03:44:48 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> you might need to restart idea or something idk
03:44:57 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it could be fucked
03:44:59 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> you wanna see it?
03:45:02 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> not rly
03:45:05 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> how about now
03:45:21 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> https://github.com/Miclebrick/ExampleKotlinVelocityPlugin random thing that has annotations and is kotlin
03:46:10 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> @Plugin becomes @org.spongepowered.api.plugin.Plugin for me
03:46:14 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> why
03:46:31 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> you're doing something weird
03:46:36 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> no i'm not
03:46:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> you dont think you are
03:46:43 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> but you are
03:46:46 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> idk what
03:46:50 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's an empty class
03:46:59 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> probably not a problem with the code itself
03:47:03 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> ooh cannot find declaration
03:47:05 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> probably a problem with the setup
03:47:17 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> i had weird issues like that when i did weird hacky things with gradle at first
03:47:20 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it sees the API but I cannot actually view it
03:47:25 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> like what
03:47:27 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/using-gradle.html
03:47:31 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> just follow that
03:47:52 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> should be just like
03:49:37 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> Gradle plugins { id "org.jetbrains.kotlin.jvm" version "1.3.11" } repositories { maven { url ... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/3676ef34edee4271bb04777d43a048e3
03:49:40 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> something like that
03:49:55 DiscordBot <M​ic​le​Br​ic​k> idk i just typed that in discord lol
03:54:03 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> oh I had dumped kotlin("jvm") version "1.3.11" because it was causing problems lol
03:54:06 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I'm smart
03:54:43 --> md678685 (md678685!~md678685@SpigotMC-v9ev33.ip-51-38-80.eu) joined the channel
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04:21:16 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> dont forget to add kotlin to deps too
04:21:29 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> yeah I'm re-doing the whole thing
04:30:45 --> braindead (braindead!webchat@SpigotMC-rg14aj.kgu8.33ub.0600.2601.IP) joined the channel
04:31:06 <-- braindead (braindead!webchat@SpigotMC-rg14aj.kgu8.33ub.0600.2601.IP) has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
04:47:18 DiscordBot <a​nd​re​wk​m> How do I prevent spigots and/or paper'
04:47:48 DiscordBot <a​nd​re​wk​m> When a trident has loyalty 3 it should come back to you but very very very rarely it gets despawned.
04:47:53 DiscordBot <a​nd​re​wk​m> Any option that exists for this?
04:50:49 DiscordBot <a​nd​re​wk​m> Hm, looks like it's the despawn ranges.
04:52:23 <-- kashike (kashike!kashike@SpigotMC-drhaif.of.kandarin.xyz) has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
04:52:26 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> My girlfriend is actually, legitimately learning Python
04:52:33 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> And programming
04:52:40 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> I didn't even push her
04:53:08 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> She just nabbed a class I was helping to teach and wrote her own little game
04:53:26 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> Thought it was so cool she started changing it
04:53:32 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> Then started learning
04:54:09 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> don't ruin her dreams by saying python is fancy pseudocode
04:54:15 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> Lol
04:54:25 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> I mean, I'm learning it as well
04:54:29 DiscordBot <e​gg​82​ 💅🌮🎄> So hey
04:54:49 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> shit
04:54:54 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> sorry but it's fancy pseudocode
04:56:47 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> java is hardly code
04:57:02 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it doesn't take a genius to hop from method to method lol
04:57:33 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> player().getLocation().getWorld().getUniqueId() blah blah whatever
04:57:34 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> it's english
04:58:03 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> hasBanana ? eatBanana() : cry()
04:58:10 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> CODE
04:58:12 --> kashike (kashike!~kashike@SpigotMC-drhaif.of.kandarin.xyz) joined the channel
04:58:12 -- Zoidberg sets mode +o kashike
04:58:12 -- Zoidberg sets mode +a kashike
05:08:16 DiscordBot <M​in​ec​oo​l> Hey
05:08:36 DiscordBot <M​in​ec​oo​l> This is probably a dumb question but.. If I change from PaperSpigot to Spigot will new loaded chunks be flat bedrock still..?
05:08:49 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> nope
05:09:58 DiscordBot <M​in​ec​oo​l> [Sun, 9. Dec 2018 23:00:40 CET ERROR] The server has stopped responding!
05:09:59 DiscordBot <M​in​ec​oo​l> [Sun, 9. Dec 2018 23:00:40 CET ERROR] Please report this to PaperSpigot directly!This is what I get for running 1.8.8 :/
05:10:07 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Yep
05:10:48 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> 1.8.8 is generally unsupported
05:10:51 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> leaf what do you think of js?
05:10:54 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> cancer
05:11:01 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He loves it
05:11:02 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> just wondering how many languages you like to hate on
05:11:05 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> NO
05:11:12 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Leafs favorite Lang
05:11:13 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/444434308153737217.png
05:11:29 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He writes everything in it
05:11:43 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Thinks it’s the future of everything
05:11:56 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Backend front end you name it
05:12:15 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He especially loves electron because it lets him pump out stuff to all platforms really quickly with no downsides
05:12:23 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He’s always in here talking about it
05:13:26 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ugh fuck js
05:21:06 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> so I reinstalled my IDE
05:21:18 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> and my kotlin build file worked flawlessly first try
05:21:44 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I think I had some version mismatch causing me problems all day
05:23:29 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> #leaf-js ftw
05:24:02 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 :javascript: :javascript: :javascript: 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 :javascript: :javascript: :javascr... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/8dfabbbea465422bae86d95af6136c6f
05:24:08 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> aw fuck sake
05:24:18 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> kek
05:28:45 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> yes
05:31:20 DiscordBot <V​ec​to​r> @Billy @Z750 i was just curious whether an addition to the event to be able to change the item was possible
05:31:40 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Oh, maybe
06:55:09 --> Intelli (Intelli!~Intelli@SpigotMC-7so3al.il6t.a5vp.3d09.2604.IP) joined the channel
06:59:55 --> ericek111 (ericek111!~ericek111@SpigotMC-tr1akb.dynamic.orange.sk) joined the channel
07:10:23 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​> That's what I meant, @Vector. I can look I to that this weekend. It's highly possible it's not possible from where it's called at, which would explain why it's not part of the API. Could just be an oversight though. Will only know more once I look at where it's called from and how it's handled there
07:17:10 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> kotlin produces some convoluted-ass bytecode if decompiling it into java implies anything
07:19:41 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> beautiful on the IDE surface; griselda of the forest under the hood
08:55:29 \^-^ also I think you're referring to the built-in obfuscation feature
09:11:40 DiscordBot <D​ua​rt​e> hi, my server get crash and there is only [09:08:54 INFO]: Attempting to restart with ./crash.sh
09:14:22 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> Full server log leading up to the crash?
09:48:02 --> Vertanzil (Vertanzil!~Vertanzil@SpigotMC-hqlf58.6mju.orm7.23c4.2a00.IP) joined the channel