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Topic -- Topic set on September 6, 2018 09:45:23 pm by kashike
05:11:02 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> just wondering how many languages you like to hate on
05:11:05 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> NO
05:11:12 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Leafs favorite Lang
05:11:13 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/444434308153737217.png
05:11:29 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He writes everything in it
05:11:43 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Thinks it’s the future of everything
05:11:56 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Backend front end you name it
05:12:15 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He especially loves electron because it lets him pump out stuff to all platforms really quickly with no downsides
05:12:23 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> He’s always in here talking about it
05:13:26 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> ugh fuck js
05:21:06 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> so I reinstalled my IDE
05:21:18 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> and my kotlin build file worked flawlessly first try
05:21:44 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> I think I had some version mismatch causing me problems all day
05:23:29 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> #leaf-js ftw
05:24:02 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 :javascript: :javascript: :javascript: 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 :javascript: :javascript: :javascr... https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/8dfabbbea465422bae86d95af6136c6f
05:24:08 DiscordBot <S​po​tt​ed​le​af​> aw fuck sake
05:24:18 DiscordBot <k​as​hi​ke​> kek
05:28:45 DiscordBot <p​rp​lz​> yes
05:31:20 DiscordBot <V​ec​to​r> @Billy @Z750 i was just curious whether an addition to the event to be able to change the item was possible
05:31:40 DiscordBot <Z​75​0> Oh, maybe
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07:10:23 DiscordBot <B​il​ly​> That's what I meant, @Vector. I can look I to that this weekend. It's highly possible it's not possible from where it's called at, which would explain why it's not part of the API. Could just be an oversight though. Will only know more once I look at where it's called from and how it's handled there
07:17:10 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> kotlin produces some convoluted-ass bytecode if decompiling it into java implies anything
07:19:41 DiscordBot <A​er​oc​et​> beautiful on the IDE surface; griselda of the forest under the hood
08:55:29 \^-^ also I think you're referring to the built-in obfuscation feature
09:11:40 DiscordBot <D​ua​rt​e> hi, my server get crash and there is only [09:08:54 INFO]: Attempting to restart with ./crash.sh
09:14:22 DiscordBot <M​D ​(n​ot​ t​ha​t ​on​e)​> Full server log leading up to the crash?