Pawncraft Server


Pawncraft Server

Pawncraft is an RPG-style survival PvP server with a Creative world for those who prefer it.

Pawncraft has been running since September 2010 and over this time it has gathered a huge, active community.

To help new members, Pawncraft has a wiki and forum, both of which feature a plethora of information and tutorials to help new members make a start in Pawncraft.

Pawncraft creates a unique experience for the players by incorporating over 60 plugins, some of which are made in-house.

Sporting a 100/100 fibre optic connection, using SSDs and have 2 quad core CPUs and 56GB of RAM, Pawncraft is as lag-free as they come. Unfortunately Pawncraft offer complete laglessness though, due to the Minecraft server not having multi-core support.

To provide members of the community a warm place to stay, we have integrated our IRC chat (we have a web-based client on our website for people who are new to IRC) with the in-game chat. We also have a 100 slot Mumble server running for those who like to communicate via voice.

In order to prevent griefing and exploiting, Pawncraft runs multiple security plugins. The most notable being anti-spam, Lockette and Logblock. Admins are able to rollback hours of grief in an instant, so you never have to worry again.

To further lower the chances of grief Pawncraft is running MCBans and features a grey-list. This grey-list means that anyone is able to join and check out the server, but are unable to build until they type /rules and complete the instructions (No applications, just reading!).