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15:49:56 ghz|afk utf-8
15:50:57 ghz|afk yep thought so
15:51:25 ghz|afk \o/
15:51:26 ghz|afk Fixed bug MC-5694 - High efficiency tools / fast mining destroys some blocks client-side only
15:51:39 ghz|afk they fixed the client-side ghost blocks :D
16:01:58 quadraxis Added ████████████████████ (and of course ███████████)
16:02:22 quadraxis related to the screenshot on the release page, prehaps
16:08:26 quadraxis looks like an item frame that uses the texture of what it's placed on as a background?
16:17:34 quadraxis tags can now contain other tags, which is nice
17:56:16 ghz|afk [17:02] (quadraxis): related to the screenshot on the release page, prehaps
17:56:16 ghz|afk [17:08] (quadraxis): looks like an item frame that uses the texture of what it's placed on as a background?
17:56:22 ghz|afk yeah looks like how when you place a map
17:56:49 ghz|afk I wonder if it's some kind of commandblock thing for using a random image in the game in itemframes or as maps...
17:57:23 ghz|afk (no I don't want to go and look it up on reddit -- i'm sure people have decompiled and analyzed what that might be, by now)
18:00:28 ghz|afk hmmm looking closer at it
18:01:17 ghz|afk one of the item frames has the screenshot placed as an image? unless they added a way to have "cameras", and those are "monitors" showing the view from a certain place...
18:01:28 ghz|afk (nah too advanced, must be some screenshot in a map)
18:02:29 Commoble they could be magic cameras
18:05:17 ghz|afk hmmm no those are actually maps... with blocks
18:05:32 ghz|afk the green pixels in the leaves are leaf blocks, the brown pixels are stained clay
18:05:38 ghz|afk someone from mojang was REALLY bored... XD
18:06:47 Commoble haha, neat
18:07:27 ghz|afk and wtf is that red/pink thingy in the sky?
18:07:41 payonel mob f
18:07:49 Commoble Frylar with a haircut?
18:08:21 ghz|afk oh wait
18:08:30 ghz|afk the brown pixels aren't clay
18:08:41 ghz|afk they are the itemframe texture showing through the "cutout" of the leaves
18:08:59 ghz|afk this is even crazier :P
18:09:48 ghz|afk I think we are missing the real point...
18:10:00 ghz|afk did mc allow placing itemframes on the ground/ceiling before...?
18:11:59 ghz|afk definitely not in 1.12
18:12:03 ghz|afk but in the previous snapshot?
18:12:44 ghz|afk so I think that's what we are supposed to see: item frames on ground and ceiling
18:12:53 ghz|afk not just nswe
18:21:08 PaleoCraft+ ghz|afk, why'd you have to tell McJty about the #PARSE_ESCAPES thing q.q now I have to consider actually detecting that with my IntelliJ plugin feature
18:23:48 ghz|afk lol
18:23:58 ghz|afk saorry, I guess? :P
18:27:30 ghz|afk weird... I ordered a thing earlier... and I just got the notification that it will arrive shortly
18:27:37 ghz|afk I was expecting 2-3 days delay
18:28:04 ghz|afk I wonder if the store ships from my own city ...
18:29:02 Commoble shortly compared to what
18:29:12 ghz|afk shortly = "imminently"
18:29:26 blackgem shortly != normal shipping time I've come to expect
18:29:33 blackgem Where I'm from, it's 7-10 business days.
18:29:46 ghz|afk I had 4 shipping options
18:30:19 ghz|afk standard mail (up to 72h) + 3 companies (one 48h and the other two 24h)
18:30:30 ghz|afk I chose standard mail because 4eur is expensive enough


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