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18:15:33 Spongie <W​E​D​O​N​T​C​A​L​L​_​9​1​1​> @gappy, eagle faction is very much like the old style of factions. What with power and such. It’s not perfect but it works well
18:17:48 Spongie <V​o​l​g​a​r​1​8​> Hello everyone, i need help 😃 I want disable nether portal creation but i don't know how i can do that
18:18:11 Spongie <V​o​l​g​a​r​1​8​> nothing edit server.properties
18:19:31 Spongie <g​a​p​p​y​> Yah but its not the one i really want
18:20:36 Spongie <V​o​l​g​a​r​1​8​> @gappy EagleFaction is updated yesterday and the new version 0.10 is really better 😃
18:21:16 Spongie <g​a​p​p​y​> Does it work with dynmap ?
18:22:08 Spongie <V​o​l​g​a​r​1​8​> Dynmaf work independently of EagleFaction so yes, no problem i think
18:22:13 Spongie <V​o​l​g​a​r​1​8​> Sorry for my english ^^
18:22:19 Spongie <V​o​l​g​a​r​1​8​> dynmap*
18:22:22 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> Do you mean as in it hooks into dynmap?
18:22:30 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> like you can see the teams in dynmap's
18:22:36 Spongie <g​a​p​p​y​> Yah
18:23:18 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> Likely doesn't
18:58:15 Spongie <W​E​D​O​N​T​C​A​L​L​_​9​1​1​> Volgar, I believe I saw a plugin that was named no-nether-portal or something along those lines
19:48:09 Spongie <c​o​l​o​r​s​p​a​c​e​> anyone knows what this is and if it's A normal and B improvable?
19:48:09 Spongie <c​o​l​o​r​s​p​a​c​e​> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/142425412096491520/481187703912923168/unknown.png
19:50:29 Spongie <B​l​u​e​> A yes B no :D That's the Server-Thread having some spare-time in a tick and waiting so it doesn't go faster than 20 ticks per second :)
19:50:52 Spongie <c​o​l​o​r​s​p​a​c​e​> oh 😃
19:50:53 Spongie <c​o​l​o​r​s​p​a​c​e​> ok
19:50:55 Spongie <c​o​l​o​r​s​p​a​c​e​> thanks
19:51:10 Spongie <B​l​u​e​> :3
20:02:14 Spongie <H​a​e​d​H​u​t​n​e​r​> I cannot comprehend why the game would be locked at 20 ticks per second
20:02:21 Spongie <H​a​e​d​H​u​t​n​e​r​> It's always been confusing to me
20:02:31 Spongie <H​a​e​d​H​u​t​n​e​r​> Why not just let the logic run as quickly as it can?
20:03:38 Spongie <B​l​u​e​> 1. Saving cpu 2. The need to use deltaTime in all movement calculations ^^^
20:04:17 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> Game physics needs to be reliable, not fast
20:04:44 Spongie <H​a​e​d​H​u​t​n​e​r​> Pretty sure they use deltaTime anyway, don't they?
20:05:31 Spongie <B​l​u​e​> dunno ... maybe when skipping ticks after running behind?
20:06:43 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> java long time = System.currentTimeMillis() doThings() time = System.currentTimeMillis() - time; if (time < 600) Thread.sleep(time);
20:08:58 Spongie <B​l​u​e​> also: Redsone and Random-Block-Ticks would go nuts on a beefy server :D
20:23:21 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> My dream as of 10 seconds ago is to have my S3 bill come out to $3
20:26:45 Spongie <C​l​i​e​n​t​h​a​x​> Is there a way to give priority to one plugin over another for command sorting?
20:26:57 Spongie <C​l​i​e​n​t​h​a​x​> eg, 2 plugins / mods register "stats", and i have given the players perms for one
20:27:10 Spongie <C​l​i​e​n​t​h​a​x​> but if they just do /stats, perm denied as it s trying to use the wrong command plugin
21:03:25 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> Yeah
21:03:37 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> map the right command to your global conf
21:21:40 Spongie <C​l​i​e​n​t​h​a​x​> @Rasgnarok hmm >?
21:44:48 Spongie <C​l​i​e​n​t​h​a​x​> Cheers :3
21:49:09 Spongie <N​e​p​h​r​i​u​m​> Bonjour, quick question about silking a spawners
21:49:15 Spongie <N​e​p​h​r​i​u​m​> anyone here?
21:49:51 Spongie <N​e​p​h​r​i​u​m​> Mmmmm....
21:52:12 Deborahe44 Hey!
21:55:06 Spongie <N​e​p​h​r​i​u​m​> I will leave the question here, can you install Silkspawners (bukkit) pluggin to a Sponge server, I'm kinda messed up here with what can be used with wich server
21:56:19 Lord_Ralex bukkit plugins only work with bukkit servers
21:56:25 Lord_Ralex (and spigot since it's bukkit)
21:56:30 Lord_Ralex sponge plugins work with sponge
21:56:38 Lord_Ralex so you'd need to find a sponge plugin that does what you want
21:56:49 Spongie <N​e​p​h​r​i​u​m​> ok... that is what I thought ... wasn't sure though
21:57:28 Spongie <N​e​p​h​r​i​u​m​> Looking for the same as silkspawners... I found one but affect all objects unless specified in a config file, will try this one


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