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14:20:40 Spongie <Z​a​o​s​> right before
14:25:02 Spongie <k​e​n​c​i​n​d​e​r​> Couldn't tell ya...various things can cause that behaviour
14:41:05 Spongie <D​e​o​d​r​a​s​> Hello. Can somone help me ?
14:41:53 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> @Deodras Go ahead and ask your question. In general, you don't need to ask to ask a question
14:45:21 Spongie <D​e​o​d​r​a​s​> I'm inexperienced. And i need help with find 2 moods or plugins. I was looking for it on sponge but i dont know how find it. I need 2 mods/pluigins First one. For keep EXP after Death. Sacound one to keep regeneration HP when u have one icon food (no like orginal u have regeneration only when u have full icons)
14:58:51 Spongie <M​r​.​ ​P​o​p​o​> Bitch ass lil shits. Screw sponge
15:04:47 Spongie <k​e​n​c​i​n​d​e​r​> 1: There is a gamerule for keepinventory, which keeps your XP. If you only want XP but not inventory, I don't know.
15:05:42 Spongie <k​e​n​c​i​n​d​e​r​> 2: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/health-and-hunger-tweaks is all I know of
15:48:53 Spongie <D​o​N​o​t​S​p​a​m​P​l​s​> How can i delete an org in Ore?
16:22:29 Spongie <K​a​t​r​i​x​> Not sure if we support that. You might want to create an issue on the Ore Github repo.
17:39:55 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> so I have the keepinv gamerule enabled on my server, and recently, a lot of my players have been losing their inventory if their connection is poor when attempting to login to the server and are killed by an entity right after logging in. has anyone heard of/experienced this?
17:42:26 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> @fcpwiz Do they see themselves killed by the entity?
17:42:34 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> or are they killed when still on the login screen from their perspective?
17:43:14 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> lemme ask, one sec
17:51:56 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> they're not positive, but they think they did not see anything kill them
17:52:19 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> the moment they finished connecting, it said they died
17:52:46 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> do you have logs from around when that happened?
17:53:02 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> e.g. the messsages surrounding "player x joined the game"
17:55:55 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> this is a section of the logfile where one of the players experiencing this issue tried to join: https://gist.github.com/fcpwiz/24ea13545937d53bf42946b2b5c1a7c4
17:57:46 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> can you confirm that this only happens during login?
17:57:58 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> do players keep their inventories when the die at some other time?
17:59:16 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> @fcpwiz ^
17:59:55 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> ill ask
17:59:59 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> one sec
18:00:25 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> e.g. just have a player die normally in-game, and see what happens
18:01:44 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> they say it only happens on some logins
18:01:53 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> hmm
18:02:35 Spongie <D​o​N​o​t​S​p​a​m​P​l​s​> @Katrix well, do you know who I can contact to get an Ore org deleted?
18:02:39 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> they say it only happens when they are lagging
18:02:54 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> or their connection is poor
18:03:18 Spongie <K​a​t​r​i​x​> Do you have a good reason for needing to get an org deleted?
18:03:21 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> but that logfile is coated in errors. could they be related to this issue?
18:09:18 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> let's see:
18:09:37 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> the AbstractMethodError is almost certainly a an extrautils2 bug
18:11:58 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> either that, or something weird with BiblioCraft
18:12:08 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> probably not a sponge issue, and it shouldn't affect inventories
18:12:24 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> could the AbstractMethodError be causing this inventory issue?
18:13:50 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> could this be the same issue? https://github.com/rwtema/Extra-Utilities-2-Source/issues/88
18:14:35 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> and this: https://github.com/Nuchaz/BiblioCraft/issues/519
18:14:44 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> I don't think so - it's coming from an extrautils2 packet handler
18:14:47 Spongie <X​a​k​e​p​_​S​D​K​> jds.bibliocraft.tileentities.TileEntityFramedChest.getStackInSlot
18:14:48 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> which doesn't appear to modify anythinh
18:15:26 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> since it's a scheduled task, the exception shouldn't stop anything else from running
18:15:30 Spongie <D​o​N​o​t​S​p​a​m​P​l​s​> @Katrix well, it's for a project I'm not related to anymore, also it was never used
18:15:37 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> @fcpwiz Can you open an issue on SpoongeForge for that phase tracker error?
18:15:43 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> yes
18:15:46 Spongie <A​a​r​o​n​1​0​1​1​> thx
18:18:07 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> alright -- https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeForge/issues/2335
18:18:49 Spongie <K​a​t​r​i​x​> In that case just delete each project if you really have to, or file an issue on the github repo
18:31:20 Spongie <f​c​p​w​i​z​> I also get this error when stopping the server: https://gist.github.com/fcpwiz/31645acd80c5723ecb80419a3e09c0b8


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