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23:36:04 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> is there a way to "cache" the db in the client and then push to the server?
23:36:19 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> db connections are being slow here since the webserver is on another box
23:37:28 tmux Not exactly sure what the context of that conversation is, but; redis?
23:37:35 phroa rethinkdb
23:37:35 Lord_Ralex rethinkdb
23:37:39 Lord_Ralex and uhhh
23:37:51 Lord_Ralex i don't think so really
23:38:03 Lord_Ralex well, not built-in
23:38:09 tmux Whats "Spongie"
23:38:21 phroa discord bridge and github notifier
23:38:34 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> wdyb by not built-in
23:38:44 Lord_Ralex like, libraries don't do it
23:38:44 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> do you know of some lib that does it?
23:38:48 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> wdym*
23:38:49 Lord_Ralex you'd have to code it
23:39:02 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> what level of complexity?
23:39:05 Lord_Ralex uh
23:39:32 Lord_Ralex since it's async based, it's not *as* bad
23:39:59 Lord_Ralex but you'd probably need some wrapper connection object to handle storing them, so you can just run them after X time or Y commands or something, but ehhh
23:40:05 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> well
23:40:08 Lord_Ralex but how slow are your connections anyways
23:40:16 Lord_Ralex cause unless it's like, across an ocean
23:40:20 Lord_Ralex it should not be *terrible*
23:40:22 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> i'm using it with my "market" plugin
23:40:38 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> every time a player opens the market the plugin queries the data to the db
23:40:56 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> i'm talking about a hell of a 5 second delay to open the market/buy an item
23:41:06 Lord_Ralex okay, so rather than caching and doing pushing like that
23:41:10 Lord_Ralex cache the response from a list
23:41:10 Mumfrey check indexes in your database table
23:41:28 Mumfrey check you have indexes on the columns actually being used to look shit up
23:43:21 Lord_Ralex or that
23:43:33 Lord_Ralex 5 seconds sounds way more like the db than the connection
23:43:37 Lord_Ralex even if it's on another box
23:45:23 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> guess I'll save the info to objects
23:45:42 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> but then i need a scheduler or so to query
23:46:02 Lord_Ralex honestly, i'd improve the db first
23:46:07 Lord_Ralex rather than trying to code stuff
23:46:24 Mumfrey check the dumb things first, they're more likely to be culprit
23:46:40 Mumfrey as Lord_Ralex says, 5 seconds sounds WAY more like bad query than slow connection
23:47:31 Mumfrey and usual issues are: a JOIN that's much too complex, a query that's returning way too many actual results that you're filtering in the client somehow, or missing indexes
23:49:03 Mumfrey hm
23:49:24 Lord_Ralex or just moving the db closer
23:49:36 Lord_Ralex if you really think it's network related
23:49:41 Lord_Ralex but doesn't remove what Mum said
23:50:04 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> ok
23:50:05 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> ty
00:31:14 killjoy .about
01:19:51 Spongie <T​i​m​e​T​h​e​C​a​t​ ​|​ ​K​o​o​k​y​K​r​a​f​t​M​C​.​n​e​t​> @Eufranio mongodb?
01:20:56 Spongie <E​u​f​r​a​n​i​o​> rethinkdb
01:21:52 Spongie <T​i​m​e​T​h​e​C​a​t​ ​|​ ​K​o​o​k​y​K​r​a​f​t​M​C​.​n​e​t​> yea, try mongodb


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