Korobi IRC Swiss Army knife.

15:57:04 DemonWav looks smaller to me
15:57:13 DemonWav electroniccat we don't like things like worldborders and such
15:57:19 DemonWav well, i say we
15:57:25 DemonWav i don't play anymore and apparently no one else does either
15:57:51 DemonWav but yeah you limit your map
15:57:59 DemonWav we don't have any borders or limits on map generation
15:58:05 Aeyesi DemonWav compare the worldborder circle... I recently purged the map data because I started using database and JPG
15:58:39 DemonWav ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
15:58:48 electronic+ think my dynmap was like a good 70G at one point, 10k x 10k map or something like that, but I had some changes that made it look prettier too, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
15:58:54 DemonWav all i know is our dynmap has completely filled a 200GB ssd
15:59:01 electronic+ But yea, I don't understand how people can use a DB for that crap
15:59:02 Aeyesi also its on HDD and to me it doesnt feel slow as yours (yet i am on lan so hard to compare)
15:59:28 Aeyesi @electroniccat exactly i do have 10*1024 world size radius
15:59:31 DemonWav Aeyesi disk latency is nothing compared to network latency....
15:59:36 Aeyesi its pregenerated completly
15:59:47 DemonWav you're literally comparing the performance of a server on lan vs the performance of a server in canada sitting behind cloudflare
15:59:49 DemonWav gg
15:59:50 electronic+ TCP sucks
16:00:24 DemonWav for me both maps feel equally responsive
16:00:24 electronic+ especially for when you're downloading a crap ton of small files over a network, on your lan its okay because the latency isn't really a concern
16:01:03 DemonWav yours might be a bit slower
16:01:06 Aeyesi @DemonWav yeah... but i tried both and I really can feel the difference... its in map loading speed... I limited my bandwith to emulate it and network speeds are not an issue here
16:01:10 DemonWav Aeyesi oh, i didn't have the panel expanded on the side
16:01:18 electronic+ bandwidth limit isn't the issue
16:01:21 electronic+ it's the latency
16:01:25 Aeyesi ahah okay taking back didnt knew ure that far :D
16:01:27 DemonWav Aeyesi we have more maps lol
16:01:47 DemonWav Aeyesi fucking bullshit on "limitting bandwidth"
16:01:56 DemonWav basically what electroniccat said
16:02:03 Aeyesi ~ okay ure right, giving back
16:02:30 DemonWav uh but yeah im pretty sure the size difference comes in all the different perspectives we generate
16:02:32 Aeyesi but then, vice-versa... is it loading quickly enought for you ?
16:02:44 DemonWav your map is performing a bit slower than mine
16:02:48 DemonWav to give you some perspective
16:02:57 DemonWav but it could be i just have a better cloudflare connection here
16:03:03 DemonWav could be lots of things :)
16:03:19 DemonWav we used to have way more perspectives too
16:03:26 DemonWav i originally had 4 3D views
16:03:29 DemonWav + flat + cave
16:03:36 DemonWav but that almost immediately filled the disk
16:03:52 Aeyesi yeah i got rid of them too
16:04:20 DemonWav im gonna guess that's why your map is smaller
16:04:22 Aeyesi useless from my point of view... all i need it for is to have an idea what world looks like and navigate a bit
16:04:23 DemonWav also, end maps used to be tiny
16:04:36 DemonWav now with the new end maps they are huge
16:04:56 electronic+ Aey's map is fast here, but considering the 3x smaller latency I'd say that they're pretty on point with one another
16:04:58 Aeyesi yup
16:04:59 DemonWav not useless to my server base, flat is better for navigation and checking lighting, caves are usefull for finding caverns
16:05:34 Aeyesi @DemonWav that could be considered as cheatin 3
16:05:52 DemonWav dynmap is cheating


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The Korobi project aims to be the Swiss Army knife of IRC.

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