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04:12:13 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> you can just upload .minecraft/logs/latest.log to pastebin
04:12:23 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> assuming the last game you played froze
04:12:51 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> you use ubuntu?
04:13:20 jorja It is what I had it on sorry
04:14:06 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> what os are you using?
04:14:18 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> I should've started with that
04:14:58 jorja windows 10 4gb of ram
04:15:38 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> can you open "system information" and post the info?
04:16:10 jorja Minecaft my computer
04:16:33 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> press the start button and type in "system information" then hit enter
04:16:35 jorja And the Windows 10 version of Minecraft plays fine on the same comp[uter
04:16:45 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> that's not the same game
04:16:57 jorja No shit
04:17:02 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> Does this happen in a new world?
04:18:07 jorja yes it happens untime I play
04:18:49 jorja that first paste.ubuntu was when it was loading the game. I was not even playing yet when it did the not responding stuff
04:19:51 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> open dxdiag and say what it says your gfx card is under the video tab
04:20:01 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> *Display
04:29:58 Jorja What am I looking for
04:39:20 Spongie <B​l​a​y​y​k​e​> https://hastebin.com/kuqicuzaki.md
04:39:24 Spongie <B​l​a​y​y​k​e​> anyone know what this would be causedb y?
04:40:50 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> any plugins?
04:40:57 Spongie <B​l​a​y​y​k​e​> none
04:41:01 Spongie <B​l​a​y​y​k​e​> fresh server install
04:41:11 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> then probably a bug. Create an issue for it?
04:41:14 Jorja Sorry my chat stopped and I had to refresh what am I looking for
04:41:23 Spongie <B​l​a​y​y​k​e​> aight
04:41:38 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> Jorja, try reinstalling graphics drivers
04:42:08 Jorja I already did that once it did not help the issue
04:42:17 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> then I cannot help you
04:42:32 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> tried fresh install?
04:43:09 Jorja I tried fresh install
04:43:21 Jorja I tried uping the alloted memory
04:43:45 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> ....
04:43:48 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> tried optifine?
04:44:24 Jorja what
04:44:38 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> install the mod optifine and see if it helps
04:49:40 Jorja that will be hard to use in modded mincraft
05:01:05 Jorja I guess I will not play minecraft anymore even though I want too
05:02:17 Spongie <v​a​r​r​i​x​> What kind of modded minecraft? OptiFine is a mod.
05:02:34 Spongie <v​a​r​r​i​x​> I'm pretty sure it's compatible with things like liteloader and forge.
05:02:41 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> yes.
05:02:48 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> they will both load optifine via mods folder
05:02:55 Spongie <k​i​l​l​j​o​y​> liteloader via versioned mods folder
05:31:56 Spongie <k​i​w​i​f​r​o​g​g​> So been having this ongoing issue with light on my server(light in dark boxes ect), i mostly solved by turning off async lighting. but there is one last issue with torches that need to be lit when the chunks unload sponge does not see them as light sources anymore.
07:45:41 Spongie <M​M​M​ ​T​e​a​r​s​.​.​.​> @Aikar TY So much
07:46:12 Spongie <M​M​M​ ​T​e​a​r​s​.​.​.​> @Amaranth So that mean i cant see? U mbaxter byteflux aikar kashike the best devs i know..


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