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11:11:39 Spongie SpongeDocs/continue-691 e9cc3b36: Gradle (by P​arker Lougheed)
11:11:41 Spongie SpongeDocs/continue-691 fb8f5cd1: Remove sponge-archetype-plugin as it is no longer maintained (by P​arker Lougheed)
11:11:43 Spongie SpongeDocs/continue-691 11c9f995: Add basic documentation on the MinecraftDev plugin (by P​arker Lougheed)
11:11:45 Spongie ...for more, visit: https://git.io/fpc4K
11:22:14 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT pushed 1 commit to continue-691 <https://git.io/fpc47>
11:22:16 Spongie SpongeDocs/continue-691 9aa7f087: Fix merge failures + remove license changes (by S​T-DDT)
11:29:19 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT pushed 1 commit to continue-691 <https://git.io/fpcBT>
11:29:21 Spongie SpongeDocs/continue-691 dc65e896: Use text from stable (by S​T-DDT)
11:32:51 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT opened PR #773: Update and merge #691 <https://git.io/fpcBs>
11:32:52 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT labeled PR #773: Update and merge #691 <https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeDocs/pull/773>
11:33:31 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT closed PR #691: [WIP] License clarification and rewrite code samples <https://git.io/vpDtI>
11:50:11 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT synchronize PR #661: Add more stuff about debugging <https://git.io/vALMP>
11:55:37 Spongie [SpongeDocs] S​T-DDT edited PR #773: Update and merge #691 <https://git.io/fpcBs>
12:23:57 Spongie [SpongeDocs] I​nscrutable unlabeled PR #589: Document SpongeGradle Ore Deploy plugin <https://git.io/vScc9>
12:31:24 Spongie [Ore] K​atrix pushed 1 commit to master <https://git.io/fpcRQ>
12:31:25 Spongie Ore/master 69234942: Fix login logout (by K​atrix)
13:39:48 Spongie [Ore] f​elixoi pushed 3 commits to feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way <https://git.io/fpcEP>
13:39:49 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way f0e7f028: Removed bootstrap 3 and added bootstrap 4 (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
13:39:50 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way 6d37d9b8: Fix errors from master rebase (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
13:39:51 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way a83ac864: Started rework of the settings stuff (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
14:02:09 Spongie [Ore] f​elixoi pushed 1 commit to master <https://git.io/fpcu8>
14:02:10 Spongie Ore/master 4ea5a787: Fixed hard deletion of projects (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
14:14:59 Spongie <f​e​l​i​x​o​i​> lol768: Is something like $.ajaxSetup({ beforeSend: function(xhr) { xhr.setRequestHeader('Csrf-Token', csrf); } }); a security risk somehow?
14:46:29 lol768 No, it should be okay
14:46:57 lol768 if you're at the point where an attacker can make AJAX requests they probably already have XSS
14:47:09 lol768 (so they'd be able to grab the CSRF token anyway)
14:48:24 lol768 One thing to be careful of is trusting URLs in the DOM, though. If for example your code makes an AJAX request to a URL given by some data-action attribute, an attacker with the ability to inject HTML (but not necessarily JavaScript) could point that URL somewhere off-site and grab a legitimate CSRF token that way
15:17:04 Spongie <J​e​n​i​u​s​> :thonk:
15:20:00 Spongie [Ore] f​elixoi pushed 4 commits to feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way <https://git.io/fpc2m>
15:20:01 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way 1e333714: Removed bootstrap 3 and added bootstrap 4 (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
15:20:02 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way 4c481f1b: Fix errors from master rebase (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
15:20:03 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way 7c941cce: Started rework of the settings stuff (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
15:20:04 Spongie Ore/feature/bootstrap4-the-right-way da79febb: More settings work (by F​elix Kleinekathöfer)
15:51:08 Spongie <B​e​n​n​y​b​o​y​1​6​9​5​> Ok so im using the title builder and wanted a title to stay on the action bar for like 20 seconds. I gave it the length of time it needed for it to be 20 seconds but it still went after the default 3. I also gave it lower then 3 seconds and it still stayed there for 3 seconds. Is there something i'm doing wrong or can action bars not have their title length changed ?
16:32:17 Spongie <B​e​n​n​y​b​o​y​1​6​9​5​> Just googled and action bars can't take a time to stay with vanilla mc. So i presume thats the same issue affecting the title builder.
16:41:25 Spongie <R​y​n​e​l​f​> I started a repo for common Sponge code snippets, I added the one that was mentioned today
16:41:27 Spongie <R​y​n​e​l​f​> https://github.com/LJNIC/SpongeTricks
19:48:44 Spongie <N​e​u​m​i​m​T​o​> Why not to contribute to sponge cookbook
19:50:33 xaero hmm TIL cookbook!
19:51:14 Spongie <R​y​n​e​l​f​> It's not the same thing
19:51:19 Spongie <R​y​n​e​l​f​> those are fully functional
19:51:35 xaero oh
19:52:03 xaero maybe you can suggest opening a wiki page "Sponge Tricks" on the Cookbook repo?
19:52:24 xaero (by opening an issue)
22:21:54 Spongie <I​9​h​d​k​i​l​l​> Hey guys, we are offering preset worlds for all of our players. It works like that: We pregen different 1000x1000 maps with different biomes etc and save them in a special directory. Our plugin provides a GUI where users can select a preset. The plugin now loads this world into sponge. Unfortunately, our way of loading the world causes issues with griefprevention. But probably it isn't just a GP problem. I think
22:21:54 Spongie the part where we assign a random uuid is wrong. Thats our world import code (We copy the preset to the world folder before) http://prntscr.com/ljzmyu
22:24:34 Spongie <I​9​h​d​k​i​l​l​> Is there a way to do it more nicely?


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