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19:57:41 malte0811 And that branch contains a single commit with about 5 lines
19:57:53 LexMobile and I SAID you dont need to fucking use a custom forge build for that
19:58:01 LexMobile EVERY class loaded gets transformed
19:58:24 malte0811 That why is ItemStack not being printed to the log?
19:58:30 malte0811 *Then
19:58:48 LexMobile No idea you probably fucked something up
20:00:26 malte0811 Look at the commit. it is the only change and it is THREE lines. All calls to System.out.println. Not a lot of space for a "somewhere".
20:00:35 Raycoms for the custom condition I have to extend IConditionFactory?
20:01:54 PaleoCraft+ malte0811, what Lex is getting at is that you can make Forge dump all transformed classes with a command line option, which you could have easily found out yourself
20:02:53 williewill+ Raycoms: yes
20:03:16 Raycoms williewillus can you show me your custom condition so I can have an idea? =D
20:04:40 williewill+ public BooleanSupplier parse(JsonContext context, JsonObject json) { boolean value = JsonUtils.getBoolean(json , "value", true); return () -> Botania.gardenOfGlassLoaded == value;
20:04:41 williewill+ }
20:04:45 williewill+ :P
20:06:16 Raycoms So All I do is parse the json to detect which recipe I'm talking about and then I return "true" or "false" accordingly?
20:07:17 LexMobile you parse the json to get the context needed for you to make your decision
20:08:18 Raycoms Exactly
20:08:56 Raycoms Is there a way to add a comment or a random value to a recipe to easily detect them without breaking the loading mechanism?
20:09:34 LexMobile what are you trying to do?
20:10:07 Raycoms I have some recipes I only want to enable if the user set "enableInDevFeatures" to true in the config file
20:10:15 LexMobile Also malte0811 Yes it seems that the 1.11.2 transformer is broken because it checks the obf name instead of the deobfed name. That *shouldn't* be the case but whatever.
20:10:21 LexMobile And how did I verify this?
20:10:43 LexMobile Not by making some half baked custom forge distro but by using the fucking flags specifically designed to debug this shit
20:11:10 malte0811 Yes, fucking flags that I can't seem to find any documentation on
20:11:29 LexMobile Right fucking there
20:11:30 Raycoms so I thought I could add a "isDev" value in the recipe I can parse in the config condition
20:11:47 LexMobile Right click transform -> Find references
20:12:00 LexMobile Oh LOOK the ONE real reference is wrapped in TONS of debug code
20:14:36 Raycoms is that possibly without breaking the recipe loading?
20:16:11 PaleoCraft+ So, Lex, if I'm encouraged to rewrite the extraction stuff, would you mind dumping your ideas for it in a gist for me (or really anybody)? Just saying what you had in mind for the metadata mods need to provide would probably suffice
20:18:40 LexMobile Hoenstly sometime super early call a List<File> extractLibraries(File modDir, File libsDir, String mcVersion)
20:18:57 LexMobile Go through each jar in modDir and modDir\mcVersion
20:20:24 LexMobile If META-INF has containedDeps, extract that file to memory. If THAT zip has META-INF: artifact-info extract it to libsDir/full/maven/path/mod.jar If it DOESNT have artifact info extract it to the mods folder and log a 'stupid modder!'
20:21:23 LexMobile If it has artifact info, add it to modlist.json.
20:21:35 LexMobile Then load like normal skipping any extractions.
20:23:15 PaleoCraft+ Okay, will do so. Should I define custom keys for the manifest or just use the ones defined here? https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/deployment/jar/packageman.html
20:24:58 LexMobile I could of sworn there was a specific maven structure predefined. But cant seem to find it
20:25:18 LexMobile all it needs is a Maven-Artifact: group:artifact:version:classifier@ext
20:28:58 Technician+ the build.gradle should contain enough information to automaitcally include that (via a update to forgegradle i guess)
20:29:47 LexMobile sorta, i'd expect modders to opt-in for that, its fairly simple
20:33:14 Raycoms About the recipes? Is there a way to add a variable to a json recipe without breaking it? Or would I have to detect the block in the recipe to check if it of the group I want?
20:34:04 ghz|afk what do you mean with "variable"?
20:34:29 ghz|afk you can define custom conditions and custom ingredients (inputs=
20:35:00 ghz|afk and YOU parse those jsonobjects, so you can read any values from them
20:35:35 Raycoms I have a certain group of blocks I only want to be craftable if the config options are turned to "true"
20:35:43 Raycoms So I want to put something inside their recipe jsons
20:35:49 ghz|afk yep take a look at this
20:35:52 Raycoms to detect if thats one of the recipes I want to disable


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