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Topic set by: DemonWav on April 21, 2018 09:22:26 pm

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Topic -- Topic set on April 21, 2018 09:22:26 pm by DemonWav
01:21:31 BridgeBot <Barteks2x> Because there even classes have equivalent of srg names
01:21:34 BridgeBot <DemonWav> bukkit/spigot/paper/sponge/bungeecord etc are a lot more robust / easier https://github.com/minecraft-dev/MinecraftDev/blob/dev/src/main/kotlin/com/demonwav/mcdev/platform/bukkit/framework/BukkitPresentationProviders.kt
01:22:15 BridgeBot <Barteks2x> The mcp part is closer to detecting Minecraft instead of mcp
01:22:31 BridgeBot <DemonWav> That was the idea
01:22:48 BridgeBot <DemonWav> I don't take any platform other than MCP very seriously tbh

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