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Topic set by: DemonWav on April 21, 2018 09:22:26 pm

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Topic -- Topic set on April 21, 2018 09:22:26 pm by DemonWav
18:34:13 BridgeBot <DemonWav> if you want to use plugin provided mixins or use mixins as a forge coremod you have to set that up yourself
19:29:44 BridgeBot <Intence> Alright. I was confused because Mixin mention this plugin on their github
20:04:19 jamie Yes, because mc-dev has features to aid using mixin
20:07:08 jamie There isn't a project creation screen for it, because no mixin buildscript is consistent - the developer should be responsible for it, especially given its always used with something
20:07:42 jamie @Intence ^

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