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Topic -- Topic set on January 9, 2018 02:43:38 am by Grinch
04:20:04 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> @XXMINECRAFTGODXX actually does his homework and tests shit before anything
04:20:21 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> and he puts up tickets where needed, which is more than I can say for 99% of the server owners I know
04:20:59 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> So as much as I like agreeing with Doc, I don't see the point in dragging him out as if he's a noob waiting to get his teeny tiny fix done
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04:22:14 Spongie <D​e​z​> you must know many server owners Ras 😛
04:22:32 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> I should put you as my server support dude
04:22:36 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> you'd love it
04:22:50 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> 'y cant i use *'
04:23:08 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> 'no i knoe u said its bad but it works'
04:23:37 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> 'idk im not good reading pls tell me y gp no work'
04:24:15 Spongie <D​e​z​> 'it legit doesnt tell me where?'
04:25:09 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> 'no but im owner i can have all perms no???'
04:25:15 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> HONESTLY
04:25:19 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> bane of my day
04:26:31 Spongie <D​e​z​> is this a bad time to say i run * on my main 😢
04:32:42 Spongie <R​a​s​g​n​a​r​o​k​> remind me never to help you with gp ♥
04:34:58 Spongie <D​e​z​> i generally help myself and i would always test with another account 😛
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05:09:16 donki hello
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