Commands for #RileyCraft on SpigotMC

# Name Content Aliases Action
1 autologin IRCCloud Mobile Users: Go to your network list, hold down the network name, click "edit connection", put in your password where it says "NickServ". Now type /disconnect then tap "Tap to reconnect".
2 hate hates {0}
3 ip Our Server IP is
4 love loves {0}
5 murder murders {0}
murders {0} with a {1}.
murders {0} with a {1} {2}.
kill, slay
6 party parties with {0}
7 register To register, type in /msg NickServ REGISTER [a password] [your email]. Once you've completed that, go check your email, then type in the command sent in the email. [if you are using IRCCloud: type in .autologin to learn how to automatically log in] Once you've done that, every time you join the network, you have to do /msg NickServ identify
8 revive revives {0}
9 stab stabs {0}
10 whoswho RileyBot is the relay to the Ingame chat and back. Korobi is well..this. GLaDOS is the network's bot. Everyone else are actual people.