Wabbit Survival

Wabbit Survival is a fun and moderated survival server. We have many plugins that don’t have complicated commands (we have guides for any that do), mods and is protected with anti-griefing, anti-spamming plugins and friendly community who are always there to help. We are a small server wanting to grow larger and we are prepared to support a large community. We have a website that has tons of useful information about the server, News and announcements and a forum too.

The server is English-speaking only and is hosted in France, EU. It has a 1Gbps Internet Connection, Intel Xeon Processor for fast processing speeds and runs the server with no lag. I’ve tested it from Scotland and Canada and I still experience no connection problems!

I hope you enjoy this server as much as we do, the world is huge and we have a Keep in the spawn area where (if you have played long enough) you can build your very own house that is protected from griefers and you can safely lock your items away with the possibility of sharing with players you trust!